Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Home FAQ

Most reps choose to work with the manager they are most comfortable with, which is typically the person who recruited them. Your manager will determine the location where you will work.

Clear Home will provide furnished group housing in apartments for singles. Married reps may have their own housing. Clear Home searches for apartments to best accommodate the team and any specific needs.

You will work with your manager and regional manager on rooming assignments. Typically, you may choose your roommate.

Although not always required, it is highly recommended. You will need to first discuss your circumstances with your manager so he/she can first ensure there will be enough vehicles to accommodate your team. Your manager may ask you to be a car group leader, and help with transportation as needed.

Yes. A smart phone with a data plan is an absolute must in order to schedule your sales appointments and to have access to other sales tools to help increase your sales productivity. An iPad is also highly recommended to use the Sales Rabbit app.

Yes. This is known as “post-season” and is permitted during the month of September. Depending upon housing availability some representatives may need to be relocated to an area where enough extended company housing is available.

The typical manager we hire has been a sales rep for at least one summer having installed a minimum of 150 Home accounts. He or she also must have great leadership skills, the respect of his/her peers, and the ability to recruit 7 to 14 representatives for a full team the following summer. Managers must also complete Clear’s leadership training program.